Best reasons to switch to vaping – Why is it high time to bid goodbye to cigarettes?

Best reasons to switch to vaping – Why is it high time to bid goodbye to cigarettes?

Irrespective of the actual health impact of electronic cigarettes as compared against conventional cigarettes, it is rather not possible to deny them as the best possible alternative for smoking tobacco. Due to the fact that there is nothing that is burnt in the process and that there’s nothing called second-hand smoke, it is definitely better for your health than combustible cigarettes.

E-cigarettes can also eliminate collateral damage, self-damage, smells and clothing stains which are common with burning cigarettes. Before you buy a vape pen or a vape mod from online sites like, you can take into account the reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes.

#1: You enjoy more freedom with e-cigs

For several reasons that are mentioned above, smoking combustible cigarettes are heavily banned within public places whereas electronic cigarettes are usually left unregulated. This is one big reason that you will enjoy more freedom while you wish to use them in public and there is much less stigma attached to these devices operated by battery.

#2: They’re ash-free

You must have seen everywhere that vaping doesn’t require any form of combustion as it works by heating the solution and this is turned into vapour. As there is no such ash that is produced, you can dream of having an ashtray that lies clean and tidy. Since there is less mess to clean while vaping, you can also get a clean and tidy house. You won’t have layer of ash lying on the floor.

#3: Very few chemicals

You must be aware of the fact that tobacco smoke contains hundreds of toxins which include 70 carcinogens that are directly linked with cancer. The chemicals which are there in tobacco cigarettes include carbon monoxide, ammonia and tar. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine to some extent but the other chemicals are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which are FDA-approved.

#4: Cost-effective

The initial cost of an electronic cigarette must be high enough but in the long term when you just have to refill the cartridge, you will find that smoking tobacco cigarettes is much more expensive than vaping electronic cigarettes. Hence, as you make the switch from smoking to vaping, it’s easy to see the total amount of money that you save while taking this step. Therefore, when you’re wondering about the reasons to switch to vaping, you should keep the above listed reasons in mind. Get yourself the best vape pen so that you can start vaping and take care of your health.